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How is legal status as a parent established through the court?
A man who believes he is the biological father of a child may file a Petition to Establish Paternity. The case is filed in a court where the child or co-parent resides, or where a case involving the child already is pending.

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Child Custody

Basics of Child Custody:
The question of Child Custody arises when parents decide to put an end to their relationship with each other through divorce or annulment, or for unmarried parents to determine the primary care and decision making for their child(ren). Child custody refers to the legal and practical right over the child.

There are mainly two types of child custody:
• Sole custody - One parent gets complete rights of the child.
• Joint custody - Both parents share in the care and decision making of the child as per the court order or agreement.

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Child Support

How to  Change Child Support Amount?

Many people need their existing child support payments lowered because of a change in their employment, financial or living situation. If you are paying or receiving child support, there are often times when you believe the existing support order should be changed. 

Your first step should be to see whether you and the other parent can reach agreement to change the terms of the child support. If you agree, that’s great!  But keep in mind, you still need a judge to approve the change.  

If you and the other parent cannot agree on a change, you'll need to prepare and file a motion with the court for a hearing in which each of you can present your arguments to the judge as to why the amount you think is appropriate should be ordered.

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